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Where We Practice Law

We have substantial experience in most of the western United States.

Ours is a truly national practice. Most of our trial experience has been in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Texas and California, though we have handled sophisticated legal matters in a variety of other states with some regularity. We presently have cases pending in most of those states.

National Counsel

We are often appointed to serve as national counsel by our clients. In that role, we oversee and control multi-state litigation and national class actions, including mass tort cases and product liability litigation involving consumer products, medical devices, steel buildings and securities.

International Accomplishments

We have handled many matters involving issues of international law, and overseen complex litigation matters pending in foreign countries (outside of the United States), working in the following countries:

Just a few examples of our international litigation experience include:

Local Counsel

We often work with local counsel in legal matters that are pending in jurisdictions in which we are not licensed. The network of relationships we have formed with our local counsel during our years of working throughout the United States and other parts of the world, and our expertise in working with and through local counsel in foreign jurisdictions, gives us virtually unlimited reach. Operating a multi-state, internationally capable litigation practice takes a special kind of experience. to form a knowledge base that only years of working in this manner can provide. Very few firms of our size wield the capability of Godfrey | Johnson, P.C. in handling national and international litigation.

We also serve as local counsel assisting other national firms requiring assistance and a local presence in cases filed in Colorado and Wyoming. When we serve as local counsel, we provide as much or as little guidance, assistance and involvement is needed, and we are particularly adept at tailoring our services to the needs of out-of-state firms.