President & Executive DirectorBMG
Managing Partner:  Communications   Managing Partner : Production
Div. 7BMG

This Division coordinates and supervises the Firm's activities to ensure its growth through the delivery of high-quality legal services in accordance with the overall standards and practices of the Firm.

Div. 1

This Division is fully responsible for the establishment of the Firm.

Div. 2

This Division expands the Firm's client base by forming new client relationships and strengthening existing ones.

Div. 3 JSG

This Division handles all financial matters of the Firm, ensuring that its assets and materiel are cared for and that the Firm remains solvent.

Div. 4 BMG
Law Practice

This Division delivers high-quality legal services in the form of counseling, advice and representation of clients.

Div. 5

This division sees that every product leaving the organization has the expected level of quality.

Div. 6

This Division expands public and industry awareness of the firm and safeguards its image in the eyes of the public and the legal community.

Dept. 19
Executive Director
  1. Coordinates all staff activities to ensure the Firm operates smoothly. (GTD Method)
  2. Constantly upgrades legal services rendered to the Firm's clients.
Dept. 1
Routing & Personnel
  1. Locates, vettes, recruits and hires eligible staff.
  2. Maintains personnel and HR records.
  3. Oversees and monitors administrative (as opposed to professional) training in Firm policies and procedures so that they understand Firm operations.
Dept. 4 BMG
Promotion & Marketing
  1. Develops and maintains Firm website and Internet presence.
  2. Designs and produces specialized booklets and magazines.
  3. Sends out informative mailings and newsletters.
Dept. 7
  1. Sets up and manages accounts in billing and accounting programs.
  2. Ensures that billable time entries are current for all staff and generates correctly prepared billing statements.
  3. Collects and records all incoming payments, monitors A/R and follows up on delinquent accounts.
Dept. 10CH
Litigation Support
  1. LSS staff perform delegable legal support services, including scheduling, deadline tracking, document and data management.
  2. Arranges travel and logistics.
  3. Monitors and updates, with great regularity, all Daylite information.
Dept. 13
  1. Examines the validity and correctness of the Firm's products, passing these to Review or Certification so that every product is certified or corrected so that it can be certified.
Dept. 16
Public Information
  1. Ensures that the appearance of the Firm is excellent.
  2. Responds to general public inquiries with accurate information to attract business.
Dept. 20
External Affairs
  1. Handles the Firm's regulatory compliance and legal interests.
  2. Handles interactions on behalf of the Firm non-client related matters with outside agencies and individuals.
  3. Approves contracts with service providers.
  4. Approves fee arrangements and new clients and matters.
Dept. 2
  1. Establishes communication systems and procedures
  2. Ensures that communications are swiftly handled.
Dept. 5
  1. Stocks and maintains all Firm publications, brochures, magazines and monographs.
  2. Swiftly delivers written and electronic materials to potential clients and others on request or as directed.
Dept. 8
  1. Pays invoices and monitors Accounts Payable.
  2. Handles payroll.
  3. Monitors all financial obligatios of the Firm.
Dept. 11BMG
  1. Provides and tracks in-house professional (as opposed to administrative) training far in excess of minimum CLE requirements for all staff.
  2. Tracks and reports CLE compliance for all attorneys.
Dept. 14
  1. Reviews Firm products and staff actions to isolate causes of any deficiencies and orders corrective actions when needed to ensure that all staff are operating competently in accord with the Firm's policy, procedures and standards.
Dept. 17
Public Speaking
  1. Provides exceptional seminars and presentations on a variety of topics.
  2. Consults with news agencies on authorized matters.
Dept. 21
  1. Provides authority and approval for Firm operations.
  2. Establishes Firm policy and procedures and ensures they are followed without deviation.
  3. Does the Firm's planning.
  4. Ensures that the premises and equipment of the firm are in good working order.
  5. Keeps the Firm solvent, viable, producing and expanding in all of its divisions and departments.
Dept. 3
Inspections & Reports
  1. Collects and accurately graphs Firm statistics for executive use.
  2. Maintains a high level of ethical behavior among staff.
  3. Inspects the Firm's activities so any difficulties inhibiting expansion are detected and reported to the proper executive for swift resolution.
Dept. 6
  1. Contacts individuals who have expressed interest in the Firm's services
  2. Maintains accurate records related to the Firm's clients and corresponds with them peirodically so that they can continue to receive the Firm's services.
Dept. 9
Records, Assets & Materiel
  1. Maintains accounting data.
  2. Creates and files all financial and tax reports.
  3. Handles firm bank and trust accounts.
  4. Maintains records of all Firm assets and equipment.
  5. Maintains firm insurance policies.
Dept. 12
Legal Services
  1. Provides timely and effective legal advice and representation to produce the best possible results for the Firm's clients.
Dept. 15
  1. Issues and records commendations, completion of corrective programs and tracks CLE and licensure data.
Dept. 18
  1. Records and makes widely known the Firm's successes.
  2. Develops networking and referral sources through social activities.
  3. Participates in bar association, membership group and community service activities.